Introduction to the Project

Over the course of the next 10 weeks, I will be embarking on a mission. Upon thinking about what I REALLY would like to do right now, two things came to mind. Learn how to play the mandolin, and learn how to ride a unicycle. I decided that both of these are actually quite feasible seeing as I have a lot of experience balancing on objects with wheels (I have been skateboarding for 17 years), and I know how to play the acoustic guitar (they both have strings right???). Seeing as they are both quite feasible, I decided to make it a bit harder for me, so now the following is my goal in life for the next 10 weeks:

I want to learn how to ride the unicycle while playing the mandolin.

Whether or not I succeed, I hope this project will be a fun journey for you and me as I use this blog to track my learning process, successes, and (more likely) failures. Enjoy, and stay tuned.


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