unicycle – day#16-attempt#81

I traveled nearly 70 feet on the unicycle today!!!!!!!!!! defintly my biggest accomplishment to date. I am off to continue ptracticing, but I was really happy that I managed to go this far without holding on to a single thing.

Tips for those learning the unicycle:

  1. Deflate the tires – if you deflate the tire a little bit (not too much) it will make it a bit easier as your “tightrope” will get wider
  2. Look straight forward – do not look down, this will make you lean forward and fall forward.
  3. Start off fast, get slower and slower – the slower and heavier your pedaling, the easier it will be to go long distances
  4. Rotate your hips – doing this every once in a while will definitely help you even out your balance.

One response to “unicycle – day#16-attempt#81

  1. Fantastic progress!!

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