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I just had an epiphany…

I technically can play the mandolin while riding the unicycle…. just not very well. 1 more week!!!! let’s see if i can get any better!


mandolin + unicycle – day#20-attempt#33

My legs are tired…… This was my longest distance of all time! and the good news is that i also had the mandolin! That makes this my most successful run to date. To bad I only have 9 more DAYSSS.

mandolin + unicycle – day#20-attempt#25

A failed attempt?

mandolin + unicycle – day#20-attempt#16

I actually was pretty happy with this one! I managed to get the first strumming pattern pretty well!

mandolin + unicycle – day#20-attempt#9

The first attempt at strumming on the mandolin… did not go so well.

mandolin + unicycle -day#20-attempt#2

I tried to get them both together for the first time today! It proved to be quite a challenge to get used to having this thing around my neck while unicycling. The following video is one of the very first attempts at riding with it attached to me… just to get the feel of it.

Apparently it is in my blood.

I found out today that the below painting was a prized belonging to my great grandmother… because she loved to play the mandolin! who would have known that the mandolin was in my blood. I better get good at it… or i might disgrace my family.