Now, keep in mind this does not look nearly as bad as it actually was, but it WAS. Essentially this is what happened:

I got a bit cocky about my mandolin and unicycle skills as I had done decently well a few days prior to this shoot, so I decided to invite some people on the patio to check it out. Things started off a bit sloppy, but then I caught my balance on the unicycle and started strumming the mandolin a bit, and then BAM. I fall backwards, with nothing to hold onto and take a whack to the FACE from my mandolin. Needless to say I can now honestly claim that my SWEAT and BLOOD has gone into this project.

Check out this video for the documentation:

I made it out a door!

And then turned! Well this may seem like a lame accomplishment to most, but I was pretty darn excited about it!


I apologize for the lack of posting, i am going to go back to about 5 posts a day now for ya’ll as this blog seems to be getting a bit more popular. Anywho, I had some majorly awesome things happen on the unicycle and mandolin recently. Well, not that terribly awesome on account of it involves getting quite hurt…. but stay tuned today to see!

cool mandolin drawing!

super cool, and copyright free! i will have to use this for something:

found by Kate Slovin

I just had an epiphany…

I technically can play the mandolin while riding the unicycle…. just not very well. 1 more week!!!! let’s see if i can get any better!

mandolin + unicycle – day#20-attempt#33

My legs are tired…… This was my longest distance of all time! and the good news is that i also had the mandolin! That makes this my most successful run to date. To bad I only have 9 more DAYSSS.

mandolin + unicycle – day#20-attempt#25

A failed attempt?