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Unicycling Heros!

IN 2009, GRACIE SORBELLO AND MATT BURNEY UNICYCLE THE ENTIRE GREAT DIVIDE CYCLING ROUTE TO SUPPORT THE LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY. What an amazing story! These are quite the unicycling heros. Check out there blog to see there story and also check out some of the pictures I selected from the project below.

Unicycle around a pool while singing and playing guitar

What a talented young lady! She obviously has had far more practice then me… and AROUND A POOL????? I think if i attempted that only one thing would happen – a verrrryyyy wet mandolin.


Now, keep in mind this does not look nearly as bad as it actually was, but it WAS. Essentially this is what happened:

I got a bit cocky about my mandolin and unicycle skills as I had done decently well a few days prior to this shoot, so I decided to invite some people on the patio to check it out. Things started off a bit sloppy, but then I caught my balance on the unicycle and started strumming the mandolin a bit, and then BAM. I fall backwards, with nothing to hold onto and take a whack to the FACE from my mandolin. Needless to say I can now honestly claim that my SWEAT and BLOOD has gone into this project.

Check out this video for the documentation:

mandolin + unicycle – day#20-attempt#25

A failed attempt?

mandolin + unicycle – day#20-attempt#9

The first attempt at strumming on the mandolin… did not go so well.

mandolin + unicycle -day#20-attempt#2

I tried to get them both together for the first time today! It proved to be quite a challenge to get used to having this thing around my neck while unicycling. The following video is one of the very first attempts at riding with it attached to me… just to get the feel of it.

unicycle – day#16-attempt#81

I traveled nearly 70 feet on the unicycle today!!!!!!!!!! defintly my biggest accomplishment to date. I am off to continue ptracticing, but I was really happy that I managed to go this far without holding on to a single thing.

Tips for those learning the unicycle:

  1. Deflate the tires – if you deflate the tire a little bit (not too much) it will make it a bit easier as your “tightrope” will get wider
  2. Look straight forward – do not look down, this will make you lean forward and fall forward.
  3. Start off fast, get slower and slower – the slower and heavier your pedaling, the easier it will be to go long distances
  4. Rotate your hips – doing this every once in a while will definitely help you even out your balance.

unicycle – day#15-attempt#43 “the po’lice shut us down”

in the words of philosophical and incredibly profound pop-artist, Ke$ha… the po’lice shut us down. I was trying to get some runs in on the unicycle to practice seeing as i have about 4 weeks left to master it, i was kicked out of the lot by some rent-a-cops. bummer…… this is the only video that exists from the day:

Unicycle – day#6 – attempt#11

it is built!

After some loooooooooooooong hours trying to figure out how in the world to put the thing together…. GREAT SUCCESS!!!