I made it out a door!

And then turned! Well this may seem like a lame accomplishment to most, but I was pretty darn excited about it!

One response to “I made it out a door!

  1. Hi, not sure what your name is, but I too learned to ride a unicycle and to play the ukelele and guitar. My recommendation would be NOT to take your mando on the unicycle until you can ride for about 20 min. w/o holding on to anything, resting, and being able to turn around quickly. Like a 180 degree turn w/in a 5 foot diameter.

    Also, strumming the mando w/ a pick is very different than learning a mondolin specific strum with your bare hand, or learning to pick out a traditional song at a regular tempo.

    I think it took me 4-6 months to learn to ride the unicycle with confidence. I assume you are in college?

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