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It has been a long journey, and my month is up, so I created the following video to show my progress, success, and failure. Stay tuned for the next project! To begin in  just a few days! My new challenge will be revealed in a matter of hours 🙂

Unicycling Heros!

IN 2009, GRACIE SORBELLO AND MATT BURNEY UNICYCLE THE ENTIRE GREAT DIVIDE CYCLING ROUTE TO SUPPORT THE LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY. What an amazing story! These are quite the unicycling heros. Check out there blog to see there story and also check out some of the pictures I selected from the project below.

Unicycle around a pool while singing and playing guitar

What a talented young lady! She obviously has had far more practice then me… and AROUND A POOL????? I think if i attempted that only one thing would happen – a verrrryyyy wet mandolin.

Unicycle + Tuba + Trombone

These guys are great!!

walk of shame

well, i think it might be safe to say that I am one of the first people to have to walk back home, embarrassed, with a bandaid on my face because of taking a blow from a mandolin… while on a unicycle. Oh well! Stay tuned for my final video! the one that wraps up this month’s undertaking!! Can you guess what the next project will be??????

at the “emergency room”

Here I am getting all nice and bandaged up by the UCLA staff people. I think it is funny how this small cut turned into such a huuuuge deal. Regardless, the video is pretty funny.

proof of my pain.

Now. You may call me a whimp, but this little guy actually stung quite bad. NO i did not cry, but it did hurt. Luckily the staff on-site offered to bandage me up (but that is for another post).

Just look at that HUUUUUGE GAAAASH… OK, i’m exaggerating, and I am kind of an idiot…, but at least i was wearing a helmet?